The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from Heaven According to The Devil (Sample)

A unique example of literary archaeology by Bedrettin Simsek that can only be compared to the Gospel of Judas.
A novel that recreates the stylized, distinctive tone of Gnostics that is decorated with metaphors, presents the richness of images in an economic language, not only has deep meanings, but can also be funny.
The story of Adam and Eve has been told countless times by different authors. It was all like a repetition of what was said in the holy books. But this time the roles change, the role of Jesus is taken by the devil, who imitates his style, speaks just like him, performs miracles but somehow cannot be crucified in any case.
As Judas Iscariot did, who wanted to regain his reputation in the newly discovered Gospel of Judas; the Devil, who is always accused but is never allowed to defend himself, puts his own Bible before us with this work. He tells us the truth from his own perspective and shows the courage to go against God and say, “No, that’s not what happened, this is what happened.”
Thus, while it becomes clear after centuries why God has placed a ban and why this ban has been violated, Devil himself answers the questions left unanswered by the holy books and the prophets.
For those who miss true literature of intellectual value..

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