The Perfect Voice

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Trudie is on her way to another psychology conference to learn how to better help her middle school students (and how to work out her own daddy issues) when she walks into a wall—a wall of hard pecs and abs named Dr. Alexander Pierce. The nationally-acclaimed psychologist specializing in childhood trauma who looks like a Grecian god is to be her lecturer all week.

Too bad he’s not half as humble as he is smart.

His superiority complex inadvertently puts Trudie on the defensive. When he challenges her and she pushes back in front of hundreds of attendees, she cracks Dr. Pierce’s veneer, something he certainly didn’t plan on happening this week—or ever.

They both leave the conference happy that they’ll never see each other again…that is, until Dr. Pierce walks into Trudie’s middle school on his first day as a consultant. Not only will they be coworkers, but they will be working together, every day, intimately.

Neither know what the future holds, however, they both find themselves believing the universe has a plan for the two of them. Trudie needs a teacher to heal her past emotional wounds. Alex needs a reason to get off his high horse. They feel they better find a way to work out their differences, or the consequences could be devastating.

The Perfect Lessons explores life’s more colorful intimacies—their steamy romance will leave you panting with pleasure—all while getting to the heart and soul of what makes us happy. 

This is the second book in “The Perfect” series from Beth Gelman. They are written as stand alone novels and can be read in any order.

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