The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Prince Zadkiel

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One prince charming searching for his true love.

Twelve beautiful damsels, elves, a dwarf & a commoner competing for the prince’s hand in marriage.

One shadow lurking behind the scenes, trying to assassinate the royal family and take control of the empire.

Warning: if you’re susceptible to falling in love with handsome and charming princes, turn back now or you’ll never recover. Prince Zadkiel’s charismatic personality will have you begging for more. Read at your own risk!


Prince Zadkiel has to find a wife to fulfill a treaty. Twelve damsels from all over the realm enter a competition to test their mental aptness, physical prowess, and compatibility with the prince. The winner of the daily competition enjoys a private date with him in the hopes of being chosen as his bride. But the stakes grow higher when different kingdoms expect Zadkiel to chose their daughter . . . or else.

Amidst the dates, a dark figure keeps following them around and begins to attack the contestants and the prince. Yet nobody knows who it is or what they want with the girls.


Includes illustrated character art and special features. A brilliant and captivating slow-burn novel about love, coming-of-age, and discovery, all achieved with a dash of humor.

Readers do not need to read book 1. This story starts off with fresh new characters and a few occasional returning. Stand alone.

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