The Royal Matchmaking Competition: Princess Qloey

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One princess searching for her prince charming.

Twelve princes, elves, dukes, a dwarf, and a commoner, competing for the princess’s hand in marriage.

One assassin among the bachelors, plotting to kill the princess and bring the empire to its knees.

Warning: this fantasy romance contains dangerously hot princes, sexy elves, and a heart-throbbing peasant. Read at your own risk!


Princess Qloey is the heir to the Velazian Empire and of age to choose a husband. Twelve boys are invited to compete in a month long competition to win her heart and a seat on the throne. She thinks finding the right husband will be an easy and swift process, but after she meets the charming princes, beautiful elves, a dwarf, and a commoner, her heart gets swept off in different directions.

More is at stake than a simple proposal or a broken heart. At the opening ceremony, an assassin tries to kill her and they soon discover that the mastermind is one of her twelve bachelors. Amidst several assassination attempts, centaur attacks, publicized group dates, and royal favoritism towards some competitors, choosing a husband becomes the hardest decision of her life, and threatens Qloey’s very right to inherit the throne.

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