“The Widow’s Christmas Miracle”

A man with physical scars. A woman with emotional scars. And a world set up to keep them apart. Could they make their own place on the American prairie?

Laban Jones didn’t expect to have to play host to a young Native widow and her son. And he certainly didn’t expect to be drawn to her, after years of telling himself he was fine alone.

Red Dawn never expected to be homeless, and to be taken in by a white man. She tells herself that she bears only hate for any representative of the race that burned her village and killed her husband.

Over a summer, fall and the start of winter, respect and then love grows between the two lonely young people. Can Laban be the man she needs, despite his physical limitations? And can Red Dawn see beyond his skin color to the man beneath?

This Christmas novella is part of Pelican’s Christmas Extravaganza and part of my “Western Dreams” series.

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