Trapped in a Life of Crime

She’s a grieving widow blinded by love. He’s a  criminal with a lousy past!

Heartbroken after the betrayal of the man she thought loved her, Karin Spree is left with an emotional void and nobody to help her take care of her teenage daughter, Joy. Karin had met the handsome gentleman Nick Black and felt that she’s finally found someone who understands her pain and truly cares about her. Blinded by her newfound love, she finds herself in the hands of criminals, who make her life miserable.

Karin finds that she fell in love with a criminal. She lives in fear of her life and Joy. She struggles to figure out how to escape the life of crime.

Karin’s situation becomes worse when she has to be a transporter and keeper of drugs, and the Drug Lord controls her life and movements. Karin’s life is turned upside down by Nick’s partners in crime.

If you like gripping crime fiction packed with suspense and showcasing the dark world of criminals with their oppressive nature, then you won’t want to miss Trapped in a Life of Crime. Grab your free copy now!

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