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Since 2016, BookSweeps has run hundreds of book giveaways and promotions across virtually every genre, helping thousands of authors like you successfully build their audiences with responsive readers who actually buy books.

To participate, you just need to fit the genre, offer TWO (2) copies of your book, share the good word, and we’ll take care of the rest, including the grand prize. (Details below.)

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"I would highly recommend BookSweeps to any author looking to build their audience. The giveaways are very organized, look professional, and most importantly—they work!"
Hope Callaghan
Amazon Bestselling Christian Author
"The best, well-run contest I have ever participated in."
Jennifer Bray-Weber
Award-Winning Author

How it Works

Step 1

You Provide a Book

Promote whatever book you want within the giveaway parameters: new books, old books, novels, novellas, ebooks, audiobooks, hardcovers, paperbacks.

Step 2

We Provide the Materials

We make it easy with awesome grand prizes, personalized contest graphics, newsletter and social media templates, plus tips and reminders via email!

Step 3

Everyone Shares

You share the contest with your newsletter and social media audiences. We share the contest with our audience of over 100,000 readers.

Step 4

Readers Rejoice

Readers enter to win via one of our mobile-optimized contest pages, learn about the authors involved, and choose who they’d like to follow.

Step 5


After the contest, you get a list of everyone who joined your email list, and the winners’ info so you can send readers their prizes. (Don’t you love a happy ending?)

Frequently Asked Questions

A high-quality email list of readers is (arguably) the greatest asset in any author’s marketing toolkit. With an email list, authors have control — you can directly connect with readers, sell your books, and turn them into superfans without relying on 3rd-party sites like Amazon and Facebook.

While the numbers vary by giveaway, our normal range is approximately 500 – 1,000 emails per author, with reported email open rates of more than 50 percent.

Yes! Our promotions are GDPR compliant.

Readers are required to check boxes by the names of the authors whose lists they want to join, indicating consent, and must also check a box indicating they acknowledge they will be receiving newsletter / marketing emails from them.

We also include relevant documentation in the files we distribute after the contest ends, as part of a “GDPR Kit” for authors involved in our promotions. (More details here.)

In the event of a cancellation, a 100% refund of payment will be issued in all cases if requested prior to the author sign-up deadline, as stated on the contest sign-up page. If a cancellation is requested after the sign-up deadline expires, a 50% refund will be provided.

Short answer: Yes!

We have worked with authors in virtually every publishing situation imaginable. Whether your book is traditionally published, indie published, enrolled in KDP Select, or only available on Tuesdays and February 29th, we can make it happen. 

For indie authors, we recommend offering ebooks via BookFunnel.

If you’re a traditionally published author, you can send a physical copy OR offer an ebook as a gift via Amazon or Barnes & Noble (or you might contact your publisher to see if they can help). Please visit our support center here for more information.

Good question! This might be surprising, but based on conversations with readers and surveys we’ve conducted over the years, the #1 reason folks participate in our promotions is not to win a prize…

It’s to discover books and authors they’ve never seen before — authors like you! So, whether you’re popular or not, don’t fear. You’re in the right place :)

Absolutely! If you work for a publisher or are part of a group of at least 15 authors interested in creating your own promotion, email us here.

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