Adam M Lowenstein


Adam M Lowenstein


Adam M. Lowenstein spent eight years working in American government and politics in the United States, most recently as speechwriter and strategic communications advisor in the United States Senate. Today, Adam lives in London with his partner, Erin, and writes frequently about politics, work, and life. Visit his website, see his latest work, and subscribe to his newsletter at www.adaml.blog.

Laurie Sue Brockway

Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway has written extensively on women’s spirituality, self-esteem, emotional health, relationships, and weddings. Her deep interest in


The magazine aims at a public interested in politics and current affairs and history. These aspects also include sub-genres like

Lia Manea

Lia Manea wrote “Find That Perfect Gift!” with the intention to sum up her knowledge in the beautiful and creative

Terrell Cumberbatch

IntrovertReadingGroup is a group formed and ran from the Bronx, New York where Fat Joe would say where sh*t happens.