Bola Olivia Ogedengbe

LIving for God

Bola Olivia Ogedengbe

LIving for God

BOLA OLIVIA OGEDENGBE has lived in Paris, France for almost thirty years. She is a lover of God, founding Pastor of Abba House Church, Paris, founder and prophetic leader of The Theophilus Company ministry and has been a Bible teacher for over twenty years.Her two television programmes Passion pour Dieu and Passion for God and her books convey a contagious passion for God. She is author of Reborn, a New Identity, An Eye to the Crown, and others. Her heart is to see a new generation of radical believers, boldly advancing the cause of the Kingdom and living powerful, victorious lives.She speaks five languages and was a conference interpreter for more than twenty years, working with governments, major corporations, non-profit organisations and international organisations. She is a true citizen of the world, has travelled to over 150 countries and is deeply passionate about the expansion of the gospel and the consolidation of the church in the nations. She blogs at

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