Cynnara Tregarth

Wicked Taste of Cyn

Cynnara Tregarth

Wicked Taste of Cyn

Born in Chicago, currently living in Alabama, Cynnara loves to write whenever she can find the time. Her day job allows her to see the quirky side of things, including her PIC, fellow author, Jay Sandlin. That said, having moved from Florida to Alabama means when they go to various writing cons, they get lost.

Plus side, Cynnara will tell you all about ancient history, like it or not. She has written hot and sexy, but does delve into various other genres and mediums, including comics. She balances her love of books, movies, history, metaphysics, and writing very carefully. Usually by taking on projects to feed the need for new goodies like tarot decks, writing programs, going to cons, or buying her favorite indie comics like Mad Cave and Vault Comics.

Cynnara has a YouTube channel under her Ael Xander name where she posts her metaphysical material, such as deck reviews, lessons, and general readings. Recently, she reopened up to doing personal readings again after needing a small break.

Cyn’s favourite quote is simple- to behave is to act in accordance to the manner of which you are, neither good nor bad. Thus, I’m always behaving.

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