Kaye Kennedy

Romance Reads that Kiss & Tell

Kaye Kennedy

Romance Reads that Kiss & Tell
I am a CEO by day and a romance novelist by night! My degree is in English Literature and I taught college composition & literature classes before switching gears entirely and becoming an entrepreneur, starting three businesses. I write steamy contemporary romances because who doesn’t love love?
In a previous chapter of my life, I was a firefighter until an injury sustained in a house fire put an end to that. Now I utilize my knowledge as the author of the Burning for the Bravest series featuring New York City firemen who love hard and make love harder! In my stories, you can always expect a happily ever after that kisses and tells.
I live in Florida with my hunk of a husband, who often inspires my characters (I love me some alphas with a soft side), and I spend as much time as I can at the beach or out paddling on the water.
If you wanna be my friend 😎 and you like giveaways, man candy, talking about books, and meeting cool a.f. romance readers from around the world, then I’d love for you to join me in my exclusive Facebook Group: Romance Reads that Kiss & Tell.

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