Nan Arkwright

Growth Mindset for Kids

Nan Arkwright

Growth Mindset for Kids

Nan remembers the moment she decided in third grade that she wanted to work with children. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she gets to do that. In her work, she has learned a lot about meltdowns and tantrums.

She wrote this book so kids and parents could share a story about big feelings they both can relate to and to help children who feel that stopping when asked, accepting “no” for an answer, and doing something they don’t want to do is just “too much”. In therapy, using the hero’s journey concept from the book, she helps children understand their own journey and how to become agents of positive change for themselves. Be inspired to encourage the child in your life by going to Instagram to see examples of ways she has led children to accomplish their missions, just like Joseph in the story did! 🚀

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