Troy Horne

Helping Parents Help Their Young Athletes!

Troy Horne

Helping Parents Help Their Young Athletes!

Hello Everyone!

So glad that you are here! My hope is that my books help you challenge your current way of thinking about things. My hope is that the books that I create will help you live your best life. I also want to be a catalyst to your “Why Not Me” part of life. A little back story about that.

When I was a kid people told me that my dream of becoming a professional musician was “UNREALISTIC” one of my friends at the time even told me quote…

“You’ll be back. I’m going to stay here in Houston and I’ll make it before you do.” Challenge accepted. Needless to say despite their words of encouragement. #sarcasm I went on to sign a record deal, tour the Japan, Italy, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States performing my original music. I also starred on Broadway in the Broadway show R.E.N.T. and did a little television competition show called Starsearch back in high school and NBC’s The Sing Off when I was an adult.

I was able to check off a lot of the “Boxes” and now I want to help you do the same. So you can imagine how the hairs on my neck stood up when my kid’s were told that they couldn’t be what they wanted to be. My eldest son Moses wants to play basketball professionally. So I went out and found out as much about it as possible. During that journey we again did the impossible.

Our little boy interviewed NBA Icons Chauncey Billups, Jason Richardson, Earl Boykins, and Kobe BRYANT! He got to talk with high level coaches and ranked college players. They shared with him the best next steps and so far their advice has been priceless!

Our second little boy wants to be a pro gamer. That research is happening right now and let me tell you it is even more fire than the first journey.

Our little girl wants to be a singer dancer. We got that one under control however, I will be doing some research about that and writing about that as well.

Last but not least I have a goal to reach 30k a month passively so that I can travel the world as they experience all of their amazing career ups and downs. As a result we will be talking about digital entrepreneurship and passive income as well. There will be a lot for your to read. I will be doing most of the work for you. Well, the research part anyways.

Enter all of the research and the books that you are reading. (hopefully) 🙂 As I went through mu life I learned that the reason why most people fail is because they don’t do the research. The internet has really changed the game and my hope is that I can be a little part of why you or your family lives the life of their dreams.

So click around and find the book that applies to you and read it. I will be updating them as often as possible. I look forward to helping you reach your “impossible” goals. See you on the other side!

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