Zoe Hill

Villainous Romance

Zoe Hill

Villainous Romance

Zoe Hill is an Australian writer. Having found her niche spinning tales about love and villains–a trope she affectionately termed Villainous Romance–Zoe loves nothing better than typing all the words and consuming exorbitant amounts of coffee and Skittles while her teens are at school.A country girl at heart, she is a rabid reader, a metal head, and UFC fanatic. When not writing, Zoe can be found chatting about plot bunnies with her menagerie of animals and musing out loud about how well she’s moonlighting as a competent wife and mother.Zoe Hill is active online and loves nothing better than chatting about books. Feel free to friend her on Goodreads, check out her website www.zoehillwrites.com, or search Zoe Hill Writes to find her social media accounts.

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