A Marquess of Roses

A feisty hoyden. A devilish rake. Step back in time to Regency London!

The ton is ready for another season to start, but is the ton ready for Lady Charlotte Fitzroy of Kentwell?
The Marquess of Sunderland, Adam Langdon, will not know what hits him when he sets his emerald eyes upon her.
Nor will the lord whose foot she stomps on. Nor the viscount she knee’s in the bollocks.
No shrinking violet is Lady Charlotte, and the Marquess will he be able to resist? And who will tame who?

"This was a solid debut from Steffy Smith and I am very excited to she her growth and what she brings next to the historical romance genre. I found Steffy Smith's writing to be fairly engaging and fun, I was quickly drawn into her writing style and found that her dialogue was well laid out, her characters well rounded and her plot to be sweet and fun. The way this novel is laid out the pacing is very quick and lends to a delightful and fast paced read and a really fun way to spend an evening. This is the romance between Lady Charlotte Fitzroy and the Marquess of Sunderland-Adam Langdon. Charlotte is a hoyden, whose father has let her run free while also keeping her out of society, and Adam is a rake, whose mother is ready to see him settle down. The novel starts with Charlotte making her debut in society. Charlotte and Adam originally start off on the wrong foot, they knew each other as children (his mother and her mother were very good friends), as well as the fact that Charlotte is very aware of Adam's reputation. But they quickly progress into a sweet relationship that quickly turns to love that becomes tested by outside forces. I found Charlotte as the heroine to be fun and interesting. She enters society excited to find friends and she quickly does so. She is also not afraid to be herself. Adam is a well meaning man, who loves to have fun, and as he starts to develop feelings for Charlotte we can see that he is a devoted type of hero. This book is low angsty and the hero and heroine do fall very quickly in love, but I did find their relationship to be sweet and fun. The plot of this novel is driven by mainly the hero and heroine learning more about each other and spending time together and the third act break up is motivated by outside forces. The breakup, while expected and frustrating, does provide a moment of character growth for both Charlotte and Adam to learn that communication is the most important thing in a relationship. This novel does have a lovely layer of sensuality and a sweet level of steam, and I love that Charlotte is a woman who is not ashamed to explore the physical side of their relationship and Adam does a lovely job of caring for her and making sure they are both always on the same page as their relationship progresses. I would definitely recommend checking this novel out, especially if you are looking for a debut author, a fun and fast historical romance, and a sweet love story. I am very excited to continue exploring Steffy Smith's works as they come out! Thank you so much to Steffy Smith for an eARC, all thoughts and opinions are my own."

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