Sheila’s ancestor have something to say about her destiny

Awakening is the story of life, grief, and a supernatural calling. Sheila Orly Montoya had it all, until her mother—her best friend—dies suddenly. Now her gorgeous husband, dream job, and spiritual life are all in disarray. When her long-deceased grandfather appears as her guide, Sheila is sure she cannot do what is asked of her and rejects her destiny. In the midst of feeling broken and forsaken, will Sheila find the strength to awaken to who she truly is?

"If you are looking for a book you can binge read - look no further "Awakening". Without giving any spoilers, I can tell you the characters are very rich. How is it possible that I know people like the ones described in this book. You can't put Awakening in a single category, it's a book about grief, about love, about the supernatural, about family, etc. I definitely recommend reading by yourself but it would be fun to read with a friend or as part of a book club as there is a lot to unpack and discuss. I highly recommend it!"
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