Battle of Yarin: An Angel and Demon Duel

Paranormal Romance

If there is an angel you won’t want watching over you; it’s Gia Hurtz.

Angel princess, Gia, is the typical royal rebel.

She discovered her world plagued with lies, betrayal, violence and dark magic.

She seeks the truth, the truth will set her free if it doesn’t kill her first.

Gia is an angel princess. Her family thinks her rebellious and weak and she thinks herself surrounded by an overbearing family who don’t bother to understand her. All Gia wants is to find her brother and dream about the characters in her books, but she is blessed with powers. She hates power; she hates what men do for it.

Until Jaiden walks into her introverted life, Gia has only loved books. But love and purpose won’t be the only she would need to discover as nothing is quite as it seems in her life. Her family detest talking about her brother and her boyfriend harbour dark secrets that can shatter their relationship.

Gia must screw up her courage and battle to save herself and the entire city. Despite the odds, her and Jaiden must work together to stay ahead of an enemy that knows her far too well. She seeks the truth, the truth will set her free if it doesn’t kill her first…

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