Bent Not Broken

Who said life was fair?

To survive after her shattered childhood Hannah Trevelyan has few options. Removing  the word ‘surrender’ from her dictionary is one. To exist she must win. In that fight she sometimes runs afoul of the law. But to Hannah the law and justice aren’t aways the same.

For instance she gets attacked, she goes to Juvie. 

She planned to sit out her time quietly under the radar. Then came Shelby. Her new, very unwelcome roommate. She’s beaten, scared and vulnerable so Hannah reluctantly agrees to take on her enemies. 

But when she acquires a roommate she’s thrown into a storm of deceit and murder.

As she pursues the twisting and turning evidence that begins to expose a vicious killer determined to get away with murder, 

her commitment to justice grows ever stronger as she faces a devious enemy with nothing to lose.

But the killer has Hannah in her sights and ruthlessness on her side? Can Hannah match it and outwit her?

Their Highland Beginning

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Ashes & Dust

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A Perfect Escape

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