Choosing Gratitude in Difficult Times

Devotions, Prayers, and Uplifting Quotes

More than an emotion, gratitude is also a choice that impacts our outlook on life and our relationship with God and others. This encouraging collection of devotions, prayers, and quotes will equip you to view your struggles through an eternal lens and engage in praise despite your challenges.

If you need hope and encouragement in midst of the hard, Choosing Gratitude is for you.

High Connections

After her mother died, Tara Jackson-Smith lost her way. She struggled with her exam revision and made some bad choices.

Love and the Single Dad

Camilla and Ben have been collaborating on cases for years, and their friendship has always been professional…on the outside. But

In a World of Hurt

A young couple watch their new business go belly-up after Covid hits, and end up divorcing. Now she isolates to

Once Is Too Many

“I should have known I was in trouble when he smiled at my parents’ funeral, but God, how I needed

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