Craving Control

He wants what he can't have.

After going head-to-head with Lysander Mayberry and losing, Alexander Kingsley decides that the only way to avenge his career-ending injury is to hit Sander where it hurts most.

His twin sister, Lilianna.

Fixated on revenge and goaded into action by his devious father, Alex sets out to corner the MC princess. And, once he has her in his sights, Alex is delighted to discover that Anna isn’t as meek and mild as he first suspected.

Innocent yet rebellious, Anna isn’t exactly enamoured with Alex or his need to control her.

Since there is nothing Alex likes better than going to battle against a worthy opponent, he quickly finds himself obsessed with two things. Revenge and Lilianna Mayberry. In fact, he decides that once he’s used Anna to break her twin’s spirit, he’s going to keep the headstrong blonde for himself.

If he can manage to tame her, that is.

Coming up against roadblock after roadblock, Alex’s dogged pursuit leads to blackmail, and shortly after that, it morphs into a fight to the death. After all, in a world where the Maddison clan and the Black Shamrocks MC are natural-born enemies, there were always only two ways for this battle to end…

Kill or be killed.

This 90,000-word dark psychological suspense novel is the first book in Bella Faust’s Black Shamrocks MC: Australia series. A brutal, one-sided, “love” story, Craving Control is the tale of one man’s battle against his obsessive tendencies and one woman’s fight to survive him.

Reader discretion is advised as this story contains potentially triggering content.

""Extra kudos to Bella for her bravery and bringing her dark thoughts to life to build a foundation for what I know is going to be an amazing series and gifting it to those who don’t want just your normal dark romance, but beyond that. I can already tell she will be on my favorite author list!" ~Alison Doby (Schleicher)~"

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