Dark Secret Lie

A Twisting Psychological Thriller

Emma’s life turns upside down after finding her husband murdered at their home.

With no evidence left at the crime scene and no known motive, Emma is determined to find the person responsible.

However, her husband’s death uncovers a secret that leaves her questioning everything she thought she knew about him.


Emma believed she was in a loving and trusting relationship with Kendrick.

She thought of them as just another couple living a normal life.

However, Kendrick had a dark secret, one that got him killed.


Detective McKinley is working the case, as he continuously communicates with Emma throughout his investigation, he pleads for her to stop trying to play detective, as every clue she finds puts her life and those around her at risk.

He wants her to trust this murder case to the police before it’s too late.


Emma understands that her life is at risk, but she can’t quit now.

She must find out who Kendrick was and why he got killed.

She needs answers and she is willing to put her life on the line to uncover the truth.

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