DREAMWORMS Book 1: The Advent of Dreamtech

A Post-Apocalyptic First Contact Epic

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ FREE TRILOGY STARTER!Science Fiction BEST BOOK AWARDS 2021 Finalist.Sci-Fi/Fantasy ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARD 2021 Honorable Mention.Science Fiction NEW ENGLAND BOOK FESTIVAL 2021 Runner-Up.2399 AD: In a small corner of a post-collapse world, a 16 years-old black girl refuses to give up her 27 years-old white dad to a theocratic world empire where nobody turns 28. And where even the concept of ‘family’ had to be reinvented to survive.What this girl doesn’t know: she is one of a hundred humans selected by aliens for a First-Contact destined to save humanity from itself.Aliens that do not arrive from outer space, but from within her dreams.Aliens that possess a technology so dangerous, so filled with the promise of power, that they only dare share with the winner of the Trials of Worth and Soul. The games are on!The immediate price: a technology to save her father. But she can’t do it alone.The ultimate price: a technology to save the world from the third—and last—collapse.

"Isaac Petrov promises no-bull science fiction, which is exactly what we see delivered in The Advent of Dreamtech. Petrov has crafted a straight-talking story with a fast-paced plot that introduces readers to a bevy of interesting concepts and new storytelling devices that turn the idea of seeing dreams into a post-apocalyptic nightmare. I particularly enjoyed the dark psychology and emotional exploration of the Alien Master section of the story, which was totally fascinating and wove itself back into the main ideas of the plot in such interesting ways. Overall, I would recommend The Advent of Dreamtech to science fiction readers seeking exciting new concepts, fast-paced writing, and epic settings with plenty of danger and intrigue in every chapter."
K.C. Finn for Reader's Favorite

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