Fatal Score

A fast paced thriller that asks, what happens when genetic engineering meets criminal enterprise? A emotionally immersive beginning to the Mayfield-Napolitani series.

 It’s a few years from now, after CyberWar I, and critical data is stored behind a national firewall called the Yak. Genetic research has created HealthScore, which determines medical treatment. One man has figured out how to co-opt the system and skim millions. The Joe Mayfield discovers the conspiracy, becomes a target, and draws the attention of a brilliant tracker named Weezy. She runs him down, becomes an ally. Finally, in a single wide trailer in Panacea< Florida, Joe and Weezy work to destroy the conspiracy before it destroys them.

"A rousing launch to a thriller series that has potential regardless ofwhich character takes the spotlight. – Kirkus Reviews.With memorable characters, precise writing, and a very humanstory all of us can relate to, Fatal Score is a brilliant debut thriller –STEVE ULFELDER, Edgar finalist author of Purgatory Chasm.Rogers has grasped both the marvelous advances and future oftechnology, big medicine and big government, as well as theinsidious dark and dangerous aspects of human greed. – CARLBROOKINS, author of the Sean Sean and Tanner/Whitney mysteries.Carried to the finish line by a strong plot and a cast of intriguingcharacters, Fatal Score’s take on problems that are just over thehorizon is both chilling and thought-provoking. –TIM MAHONEY,novelist and author of Secret Partners, a Minnesota gangster history.An accomplished and appealing debut thriller, Fatal Score featuresvivid, appealing characters, an evil, labyrinthine cyber-scheme, andrelentless suspense. It delivers on all counts.– BRIAN LUTTERMAN,author of the Pen Wilkerson mystery/suspense series."

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