Fowl Murder

Mama Rose’s peaceful existence shatters when a childhood friend returns, and reopens a case where she pulled the trigger.

When her friend is murdered, Rose must brave blackmail and corruption to catch a killer before she becomes the next victim.Community vet “Mama Rose” Hardie is enjoying her golden years in Kenya, taking care of local animals and wildlife, and supporting her disabled husband.But her tranquil life is disturbed when a forgotten confidant returns and reawakens a tragedy she’d rather forget.   With her memories of a poacher’s shocking death flooding back, she barely catches her breath before her childhood friend is brutally murdered.Putting aside her husband’s concerns for her safety, our reluctant heroine is persuaded to help the victim’s son solve the crime. But when the lead suspect is killed, Rose’s plans for an untroubled life end up dead and buried…As her own traumatic history unravels, and past and present collide, can she solve a deadly mystery before she runs out of time?Fowl Murder is the first book in the compelling Kenya Kanga Mystery series. If you like determined heroines, unpredictable twists and turns, and vivid African settings, then you’ll love Victoria Tait’s pulse-pounding tale.

"Excellent storytelling, likable and well-portrayed characters, a murder mystery that keeps one guessing until the end and a marvelous setting make Fowl Murder one of the must-read books of this year."
The Book Decoder


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