Funny Business: Joke Writing Formulas for Writers

Don't spend five years learning this when you can spend five bucks and learn it all in a month!

Most people learn to write comedy through trial and error, an intuitive process that can take years to develop. But what most people don’t know is that formulas and techniques exist which can cut that process down to about a month. Whether you’re a novelist, essayist, blogger, journalist, speechwriter, ghostwriter, or advertiser, if you’re looking for ways to integrate more humor into your writing, this book is for you.In two short volumes, we’ll cover over two dozen comedy-writing techniques and formulas, including:- The Algebra of Humor- The Listing Technique- The Mind Mapping Method- Spoonerisms and Malapropisms- The Backdown Formula- The Truth and Observation Formulas- The Smashing Assumptions Formula- The Roast Technique- The Clash of Context Formula- The Switch and Reverse FormulasAnd many more. So what are you waiting for?

"It's funny - I never knew there was any formula behind joke-telling. I thought you either found something funny or not on an intuitive level. However, this well-written book gives a whole new dimension to the picture...From the title, the reader might expect this little book to be about joke writing. It’s about that and more, essentially what makes people find stuff funny enough to laugh at. It offers an analysis of humor in several different forms and formulas to produce the intended result. The book itself is funny in the reading, often with examples...What I found most interesting was that it not only instructs on what makes people laugh, but also how to distinctly convey a message through humor...The author, a self-taught joke writer, learned his stuff in the often painful stand-up game, with the help of mentors..."
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