In a World of Hurt

Just as an ex-husband is found dead, his young widow discovers his hidden secrets threaten to kill her, too.

A young couple watch their new business go belly-up after Covid hits, and end up divorcing. Now she isolates to restart her life. But her ex sinks into old, dangerous habits. Then he abruptly goes missing. A former Marine, now P.I., questions her and realizes the ex’s problems threaten her as well.

Then her ex is found drowned, in a river only miles from her home. Money has gone missing and both she and her P.I. find themselves in danger. The widow is now under suspicion, and harassed by a ruthless prosecutor with curious ties to the victim’s family, who would love to see her go down for it.

"This is one of those mysteries that makes you care about the strong lead character, Ellababe, and keeps you wondering how it will all work out for her til the very end. There's an interesting cast of characters around her, including her dog, Jake, as she deals with starting her life over after a tough divorce, then dealing with the fallout of her ex-husband's mysterious disappearance. Detective Ortiz adds some scary experiences as he explores what happened. Really enjoyed this story! You won't want to put it down once you get started!"
Vickii Brashears, Amazon Reader

Brutal Captor I

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