Lion on Fire

Sometimes you have to burn your world down before you can live in it

Brian, a clean-cut, recent college grad, also works for the mob. He takes a side job in their underground New York City casino to make extra cash to help his brother out of a jam. Nothing goes as planned, and soon Brian is forced to team up with a charismatic co-worker to rob the Russian gangsters who run the casino.Do you like impossible-to-pull-off heists?Do you like characters you’ll never forget?Do you like endings that make you gasp?Then you’ll love Lion on Fire, the third novel by Ted Galdi, an Amazon #1 bestselling author who’s won Reader Views and Readers’ Favorite awards, and been featured by FOX, ABC, and iHeartRadio.Get your copy of this hit book today and plunge inside New York’s underworld with two unlikely criminals who’ll have you cheering for the robbers instead of the cops.

The Elemental Heist

Cole decided to leave the underworld and its shadows behind, and to achieve this, he needed to steal the most

The House on Wattle Street

    Nothing riles the steadfast cop of Swan Falls. Constable Tom Bradford looks after the townsfolk with care, compassion


BELLE is a bonus chapter for Lauren Biel’s upcoming novel The Room to the West. It contains a F/F scene.

Ambushed by History

Stupendous aerial victory…Newly proclaimed ace…’Down and dirty’ in the alien and hostile Bekaa valley…AMBUSHED BY HISTORY!

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