London Sucks

An ancient vampire's life is thrown into chaos when he discovers he has a daughter.

Damien has roamed Earth for over eight hundred years. An ancient vampire, he governs London—unofficially—and keeps himself safe via judicious application of violence.

Life is uncomplicated. Until one day a phone call changes everything: he has a daughter.

In a moment of weakness, he ends up with a nine-year-old child. With enemies circling, Damien must figure out how to keep her safe. Does he trust the Council, with whom he has a tenuous truce? Or Adrian, the enigmatic hunter-turned-vampire who works for him? Or does he fight this battle the way he has fought every other battle in his long life: alone? When an attack at a Council meeting on his territory threatens to destabilise his careful peace, Damien finds himself facing the worst battleground of all: politics.

Can Damien protect his daughter from the evil that haunts him? He can’t even seem to protect her from the everyday dangers of growing up in the twenty-first century!

This is a complete 15k-word short story set in the Vampires of Oxford Universe.

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