Love on the Ice: A Sweet Hockey Romance Novelette

When she's offered a high-level coaching job across the country, can he warm her heart for a second chance at love?

Ginny Perdita has traded in her figure skating costumes for coaching at her home rink outside Colorado Springs after a tragic accident took her sister and brother-in-law, orphaning her young niece and nephew. Thrown into instant parenthood and now unable to compete, she’s had to bury her Olympic dreams.


Alexei Kriz is starting over after his girlfriend refused to follow him to Colorado  to play hockey. Despite that, he’s thrilled to have been picked up for the Palmer City Voltage and plans to throw himself into the game and volunteer work with the Flying Stars, a youth team of special athletes who also call the rink home. There, he runs into Ginny – the one who got away.


It’s been years since Ginny and Alexei first connected back in Sochi. Still frosty that he never called her after the games, Ginny is wary of his intentions and affection for her and the three-year-old twins. Still, she can’t ignore the feelings that pull her to the Czech defenseman.


When they’re assigned to work together for the Flying Stars program fundraiser, Ginny’s ice begins to melt as she watches him guide the young players and dote on the twins. Alexei vows to not let her get away forever this time. When she’s offered a high-level coaching job in New York, can he warm her heart for a second chance at love?

"5.0 out of 5 stars Adorable and Heartfelt love story! "This book is absolutely adorable! I love Kerry's characters in all of her books and this one does not disappoint! Ginny is so kind, sweet, and good hearted. She is also strong, independent, and a new mother to her niece and nephew. She is struggling to make ends meet when Alexei crosses her path again at a local ice rink. Alexei is charming, handsome, and very sweet to Ginny's niece and nephew. They instantly fall in love with him and enjoy spending time with him. Ginny and Alexei have a lovely chemistry together and their dialogue makes you want to yell at the pages to go for it and not give up! This book, even though short and I truly wish it could have been longer, is the kind of short story that makes you smile, feel warm inside, and hope to find the kind of honest and loving relationship as seen in this book. While there are references to belief's in God, this book never comes across as preachy in its word, but shows the love of God and how it can bring two wonderful people together. You will never be disappointed with a book from Kerry! Definitely treat yourself to a couple of hours of an escape to read about a heartfelt romance and love story." -Jenna M"
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