Loving Lawson – A Lawson Lovers Prequel

An Enemies-to-Lovers Standalone Romance


Eric Lawson is the bane of my existence.

Every time we’re in the same room, he goes out of his way to ruin my mood.
I’m normally levelheaded, but there is just something about the smoky-eyed graduate student that makes me want to throw my manners out the window and let him have it.

And maybe let him have me while I’m at it…


Julianna Doyle is smart, funny, and unbelievably beautiful. Most men would jump at the chance to be with her, but her sunny disposition grates my nerves like no one else I’ve ever met. I’ve made it my mission to get real emotions out of my fellow grad student, all the while fighting my instinctual desire to take her to my bed.

When Julia and I are forced to attend the same conference, I use the opportunity to really dig deep and figure out what makes Julia tick.

And let’s just say… I like what I discover.

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