Lycan Legacy – Prey

Tales of Luna White - Werewolf

Prey,” whispered my inner wolf. There was a certain beauty, a certain simplicity, to her animal mindset. She was quick to label anyone or anything we met as “Pack,” “Predator,” or “Prey.” Together, wolf and woman, we always managed to tell where anyone stood.

Until the day we met that damned Magician in Tokyo.

"Snarky Charm!I loved this book! More often than not I read at least two to three books in this genre a week. I just finished one around 4:30 this afternoon. Feeling annoyed having finished yet another reverse harem paranormal academy Hogwarts-ian wanna be, I started this book.Immediately revived by the originality of she-wolf, the not that likable (still not sure if I love) Luna and the wacky powerful Wizard Mason in Japan. Intriguing multi-species paranormal subculture is fascinating and kept me glued to the story.Mason has a self-effacing charm that when in juxtaposition to Luna's hypersensitive arrogance just blooms off the page (e-page, whatever). Refreshingly original context in the Japanese culture and peculiarly appealing romantic story. Luna and Mason are so quirky and oddly alluring I would be compelled to follow them through a grocery store or stop at a gas station.Not sure how better to express my appreciation for Veronica's writting, just check it out. Stand out writing!"
5 Star Amazon Review

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