Memento Mori

A trio of tales tragic and triumphant about witches, monsters, and the rivalries between them.

A dangerous and enticing stranger sings ballads along Appalachian ridges drenched in moonlight.
A coven discovers another practitioner’s crimes in the midst of committing their own.
A bargain is struck and an old wound reopens.
Memento Mori: Tales of the Book People features a trio of stories both tragic and triumphant about a coven of bibliomancers in the rural South, the forces they encounter, and other things that go bump in the night.
"A wonderful and creative spin on the magic of reading."
5 Star Amazon Review

The Wizard and Warrior

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The Day We Met

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Christmas in Abundance

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The Captain’s Wife

In this spicy historical romance short novella a vicar’s daughter marries a handsome army captain but they are separated by

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