Midnight Comes, A Midnight Series Prequel

They'd never leave her willingly ...

They kept her hidden to keep her safe … What happens when they’re not around anymore?Phoenix is one of a kind. The only known hybrid in the history of the Lore, her parents have kept her existence secret to save her from the prejudice that caused them to be banished. But their secret is about to be discovered, and Phoenix’s whole world is about to be turned upside down.Find out how it all began in this Midnight Series short story prequel.

A Poor Maid’s Heart

When her father is falsely accused of theft and loses his job, the Gladstone family’s cruel landlord turfs them out


After centuries as a succubus, no one is sicker of the goddess. Dyella won’t stop interfering in matters that don’t concern

The Heart Necklace

Grief-stricken, Olivia Manning inherits a heart necklace said to bring its wearer true love. When she loses the locket on

Alaskan Harvest

Lou settled into the Alaskan lifestyle and the rhythm of each season. She’s enjoyed the unique harvest time of the

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