Never Forgot You – Harbour Town Series Book 1

A small-town, slow-burn, second-chance, mid-life love story packed with sun, sea and just enough spice.

When you lose everything and your heart is in pieces, starting again is hard. Add in an unexpected reunion with the man who first broke it, and hard becomes torture.

Liv Donato has come home to rebuild – or perhaps to escape. She’s hoping that coming back to Harbour Town will help her reconnect with memories of happier times. What she didn’t count on was reconnecting with Andrew MacMillan, her first love. The first one to truly know her. The first one to break her heart. In the small seaside community of Harbour Town, there is no escape. How can she put her heart back together when faced with the constant reminder of having it shattered?

Andrew is now a single dad with a chip on his shoulder, desperate to prove he’s responsible father material. Being confronted with the reminder of his less-than-honourable past is not a distraction he needs right now. Especially because around Liv, responsible is the last thing he wants to be.

Will they resist temptation, or can they find a way for two broken halves to make a whole?

"What an absolute breath of fresh air! Kath Farr is brilliant at building relatable and engaging characters in gripping storylines. Liv is a heartbroken heroine full of grit, with a backstory to pull at the heartstrings, Andrew is a misunderstood dad who is just trying his best to help her believe in love again. I cried more than once reading this beautiful love story and could not recommend more!"
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