On Patrol – A Men in Uniform Short

Carly's store is hit by a shoplifter. Officer Tatum arrives to save the day. Can he be the hero Carly needs?

For Carly, Wednesday morning started off like any other, until a shoplifter entered her store. Corporate mandates she call the cops, and the officer who takes the call is one she’s met before. Tall, handsome, capable. This isn’t Officer Jesse Tatum’s first time taking a shoplifting call at the craft store, and it’s not the first time he’s noticed the stunning manager who needs his help. Unlike the previous calls, this shoplifter makes it out the door. And Officer Tatum wants nothing more than to be the hero Carly needs.Can Officer Tatum save Carly’s day and find the culprit?


As a freshly minted Bureau of Souls agent, Keiko Miller figured her first week wouldn’t be too stressful. Wrong. A

Roguish Demon

It all started with three simple words: ‘It’s my wife…’. Music to my ears. He had an incubus on his

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