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Who is the Dog Detective?

Who is the Dog Detective?

One furry, lovable Saint Bernard who helps his owner solve mysteries.

Do you want to know more about him and his feline and canine friends? Then this book is for you!

Here you will get a behind-the-scenes peek at the Dog Detective world with interviews with the main animal characters and short stories, all exclusively and originally written for the Dog Detective’s newsletter subscribers.

Inside the Skin

He’s a professional graffiti artist with nowhere to paint. She’s a nurse with too many to care for. Neither is

Her Dreams, His Desire

Ten years ago, the eleven-year-old Aileana Pippin had her first glimpse of Ewan McDurk, son of the fierce chief of

Opening Salvos

Welcome to the works of Frank Kennedy. Venture into his worlds with the beginnings of the novels, a note from

What a Wolf Dreams

The Orphan Lizette Butler is having a bad day. Worse? It’s her birthday. Her twenty-first, to be exact. Even if

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