a 31 Day Spiritual Warfare Journey

Evil is real. We live in a broken world, full of strife and stress. Even so, there is always hope. You CAN prevail over the spiritual battles in your life. Want to find out how?

In your darkest moments, you can learn how to prevail.

DeMuth brings balance and insight to the sometimes murky realm of spiritual warfare. In this 65-page ebook, you’ll learn how to uncover the lies that have kept you captive and why the pursuit of healing is an important part of prevailing.

On your darkest days, you’ll realize that spiritual warfare is about bowing before the Creator, not cowering before the devil.

Prevail will help you find freedom in the midst of personal devastation and perspective when you’re tempted to panic during grief. In these pages, you’ll discover the availability of God to heal your heart, move the seemingly impossible mountains in front of you, and intercede when life has sapped every ounce of strength you had.

The Witch’s Staff

Twelve-year-old Heather has never been popular. To make matters worse, the biggest bully at Leafside Middle School has it out

Duel of Destiny

As an attaché mech, TH3R lived to make General Elaine Dirksen’s life easier. His greatest challenge was protecting her from

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