Pucked Up Love

A sweet and steamy LGBT love story to sink your teeth into...


Consider this alphahole humbled… now that I’ve been outed. Thanks, karma.

Being forced time and again to hang around Court, the super hottie who I happened to see sporting chaps at his family farm this summer… Hello, new obsession.

But do I even deserve someone as good as Court?


I’ve been fanning out over a certain hockey player for three years, but he’s been off limits… Yeah, this is definitely a disaster waiting to happen. But the way fireworks explode inside me when we kiss…

Even if I can get a pass on the bro code, is Blake really the jerk my friends say he is? Or is he my soul mate?

""I was really looking forward to this book! I wasn't sure that Blake Harrison could be redeemed ...but Billie Bloom made me fall in love with his character...These characters had scorching sexual chemistry and a connection that was just too incredible to ignore. I've enjoyed each book in "The Bromance Chronicles" and recommend the series.""
- Goodreads Reviewer

First Wish

Emergency medicine resident Linh Davies is back at work after a bout of Meningitis and lands the kind of patient

Ashes & Dust

I was the popular girl.A swimming superstar destined for Olympic glory.I had it all.Until I went to training one morning

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