Summer’s Wisdom

An Engaging Tale About Rediscovery

From the author of Whispers from the Heart, a New York Book Festival award-winning novel and of Call it Kismet, an Incipere award-winning novel,comes Summer’s Wisdom, Book 1 in the Camden Lake Tales series.

She was left on the steps of church at birth. Her birthmother finds her three decades later. At the pinnacle of her career and life can she learn to trust in love?

Abandoned at birth, Jamie Jacobson, a thirty-six-year-old caterer, eases her soul through providing sustenance for others. But when she wins the career defining opportunity to cater the town’s biggest event, the woman who gave her away makes an unexpected and unwanted appearance.

Reeling after her biological mother rolls into her life, seeking reconciliation, Jamie struggles to focus on the kitchen task at hand. And though she’s falling for the handsome musician hired to play at the gala, her conflicted heart still fears she’s not worthy of affection.

Will Jamie overcome a lifetime of self-doubt to triumph in life and in love?

Summer’s Wisdom is a heart-centered piece of women’s literature. If you enjoy complex characters, a hint of speculation, and overcoming obstacles, then you’ll love Heather Hummel Gallagher’s compelling story.

"Summer's Wisdom is an inspirational and feel good women's fiction story that will pull at your heartstrings, touch your soul, and leave a smile on your face."

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