T-Rex Trouble!!!

An Adventure in Dinosaur Land

Archella, an evil T-Rex, has escaped from the jail!

Avalore, the fairy, teleports the adventurous kids, Sola and Jackie, for their second mission.
Now it is up to the kids to stop the T-Rex from destroying the town.

But will their mission be a success?

Find out in this latest book: T-Rex Trouble, by Arushi Bhattacharjee

The Brothers

Y.I.T.B.: It means Yours In The Bonds.  It was how they signed their letters and their emails to each other. 

Confuse Me

Confuse Me is a prequel to the Hawthorn Hills Duet series. This short story takes you back to Providence and

An imPerfect Trap

Getting trapped in a psychotic fae’s twisted game isn’t my idea of a fun Friday afternoon. When one of them

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