The Billionaire’s Repeat

Two Actors who dated on and off a famous TV show end up at a reunion together.

Drew Adams turned his character from his hit TV show into a movie empire while Rachel Hughes retreated from the limelight due to a family tragedy. When their show ended, so did their relationship, but neither of them moved on completely. What will happen now that they are scheduled for the show’s reunion on an exclusive island? Is it possible they will find a second chance together or are they doomed to repeat their past all over again?

Aimee’s Hotwife Experiment

Her married friend, Mya, has been sleeping around, and Mya’s husband has been encouraging it! Troubled, Aimee tells her husband

His Darling, Madness

Wilder They killed my sister. I kill to honor her memory. The Organization is seriously pissed about that last part.

The Consequence of Anna

The Amazon #1 Bestseller reminiscent of The Thorn Birds, The Light Between Oceans, and Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Inspired by a


Concierge, Inc. provides services to the criminal elements of the United States. With their teammates, the Concierge women handle information,

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