The Bleeding Carpets

Nail biting mystery thriller novella.

An egotistical student is terrorizing a small town; wrapping his victims in carpets. Until Nobody, a hired detective arrives, – a vigilante who is clearly not from these parts of town and whose skills are unknown.

Any loving couple that intrigues Tyler is found dead and wrapped in carpets… why should they be happy and not him? One of them, a high school couple from Tyler’s school, is trying to protect each other as they brace for the worst. The detective fears the outcome. He’s experienced enough to realize how dire the situation is. Now it’s time to teach the nefarious Tyler a lesson in fear. But in turning predator to prey, will Nobody be able to divert the final outcome?

The Wizard and Warrior

When Rouke, a young member of the fierce Black Knights of Arynhaar, is spotted by the Queen of Ravenshear, she

The Day We Met

Do you immediately know when you meet THE ONE?It’s a snowy day at Uppsala University in Sweden where Alicia is studying

Christmas in Abundance

Lanie Phillips has a quiet holiday planned. So quiet, in fact, that the only sounds in the house where she’s

The Captain’s Wife

In this spicy historical romance short novella a vicar’s daughter marries a handsome army captain but they are separated by

About the Author

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