The Blue River Boys Mystery

A Mabel Davison Series Family Mystery

Mabel is a hard-working single mom running a motel and diner in a picturesque mountain town. But when she finds herself entangled in a missing girls’ cold case, she struggles to find time for her boys — Hector, a twelve-year-old troublemaker like his absentee father, and Fred, a shy, impressionable nine-year-old — and has to rely on her orphaned, seventeen-year-old niece, Kerry, to watch them.

But when the boys wake up one Sunday morning to find Kerry missing, they don’t bother their busy, stressed-out mom: they take it upon themselves to find her.

Armed only with a hammer and a clue about where Kerry might be, they embark on an adventurous search. But this town is not for the faint of heart; it has real monsters, too.

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"What Trevor Wiltzen has produced is well worth a read. He’s got a great style and builds things up well with impactful writing that builds with each passing page, A strong narrative and characters keep the reader wanting to learn more. As with his full-length novels, this short story grips the reader and keeps them guessing throughout."

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