The Cinderella Blues

Hired to Babysit a Wildcat Heiress--What Could Go Wrong?

Jed Strait doesn’t normally babysit, but when the Private Investigator is offered the job of making sure a socialite stays out of trouble, he takes the gig—partly for the money, partly because it will help build his reputation as a stand-up guy. Of course, if he blows it, his reputation and his fledgling business will be in the gutter.

To ensure his success, Jed relies on some high tech help, but technology has a way of going wrong. And when it does, he has to scramble to keep himself and the heiress out of all the trouble she’s looking forward to getting into.

Cold Justice

Gunnery Sergeant Ed “Mase” Mason can’t sleep. His dreams are haunted by the ghosts of his platoon members, crying out

Trading Knives

Corgren more than holds his own in the prize fighting rings where skill with a knife is the only mercy

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