The Dean’s Secret – Six Degree Connections Series 1: Prequel

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average, are six or fewer social connections away from each other.

Six degrees of separation is the idea that all people on average, are six or fewer social connections away from each other. A friend of a friend, an uncle or an aunt, my cousin Vinnie, or a coworker may connect any two people in the world in a maximum of six steps.

The ending of each Six Degree Connections Series story leads from a person affected by the current story into the next story. We are all connected. Find out how.


Courtney is a straight A college student, which is a noble achievement. It’s not easy to ace all your classes at that level, especially philosophy. Especially when the philosophy professor is a gorgeous hunk, and she cannot keep her mind on anything except letting him take her…for her first time. And she has another dream. More of a want…a need. All Courtney wants is a baby. If Dean Adam Winters would just notice her, she knows she could get him to make love to her and create a beautiful child with her. There’s just one problem that Courtney can see…he’s already dating one of the other college professors, Ms. Stevenson – Bethany.

Bethany’s idea of a man is someone powerful and good-looking who makes good money. That’s all. She doesn’t need doting attention or fatal attraction…or even love. If he checks all her boxes, he can check her box. But…there better be a ring at the end of it.

Adam is satisfied with his relationship with Bethany. No ties, no troubles, no promises. Or…that’s the way he sees it. He is not the marrying type. As Dean of the university, he is far too busy…and important to have a deep relationship. Or God-forbid, a wife! No, not him. But there’s this girl…woman…in his philosophy class that he cannot get off his mind. He even imagines her face when he’s making love to Bethany. But…she’s so young. And a student! That is so taboo Adam cannot even think about it, so he just puts Courtney Zimmerman out of his mind. But somehow, she keeps slipping back in.

Dean Adam Winters is very powerful, but he is keeping secrets from the world. He and Bethany think they are hiding their relationship, but it is apparent to anyone who is watching them. Will Courtney get her way with Dean Winters? If she does, this would be another secret he would have to keep…from everyone. And maybe Courtney has a secret of her own.

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