The Family I Never Knew

There are secrets in every family

This is a fictional story inspired by real people and real events. Take an exciting journey with Jeffrey Madison and his exploration into his family history and the dramatic and unexpected outcome.In 1964, Jeffrey lost his father Jack Madison in a tragic airplane crash when he was only 15 years old. Years later, a chance visit to Butte Montana raised questions about his father and his grandfather Arthur Madison and kindled an obsessive drive to uncover the truth about their lives.This story was a revelation about the family history he never knew. His father grew up in the Great Depression and was a lonely, troubled child with an alcoholic mother and a distant father. For nearly 24 years, his grandfather worked in the dangerous lead and copper mines in Oklahoma and Montana. He was able to overcome adversity and re-make himself.The story reveals the powerful connection between generations in a family and its significant influence on our own lives. It is a parable on the enduring value of family and friendships.

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