The King in the Woods

A fae/human paranormal romance novella.

Wanted: Part-time position at the Cloudhill Arboretum. Second shift.

Duties: greeting guests, distributing maps, making certain everyone leaves the woods before night falls.

Requirements: a love of nature, basic botanical knowledge, no fear of what lurks in the trees.

The rules of Olivia’s new job at the Cloudhill Arboretum are simple: collect two dollars from each visitor, answer questions when needed, don’t let anyone remain on the grounds after dark.

After dropping out of her master’s program, it seems like the perfect job. Quiet. Easy. And best of all, it’s just enough of a paycheck to make rent on her dingy studio apartment until she can bring herself to re-enroll in classes.

But when she is forced to chase down a mysterious trespasser, Olivia finds herself in the Green Country. She’s read enough fairy stories to know the fey are dangerous, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t drawn to the King in the Woods. He may appear as a white-haired young man, but nothing in the Green Country is ever as it seems.

This is why Olivia should know better than to steal one of the King’s flowers, even if it could be the key to getting her back in her professors’ good graces.

With a curse set into motion, Olivia and the King in the Woods must race against time to save both her world and the Green Country.

Before I Knew You

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About the Author

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