The Way Home

Sometimes finding your way home is the hardest journey of all.

Ohio, 1932.Seamus Ritter has been away from home too long. Still reeling from the death of his wife, he lost his job once the effects of the Great Depression forced the bank he worked in to shut its doors. With few other choices, Seamus hit the rails along with hundreds of thousands of others, desperate to put bread on the table for the four children he left behind.Laying pipe in rural Ohio, Seamus meets a man who promises him the means to get his life and family back. All he has to do is agree to a plan he never would have dreamed of going along with before. But desperate men do desperate things and the way home is sometimes the hardest journey of all.Looking for an exciting historical fiction read? Download the Way Home today for free!

Before I Knew You

Joanna was brought up to believe life is meant to follow a certain path. You meet a wonderful man, get


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