Time Travel: To the Edge of History

3 Million Years in 30 Days

33000 years back, humans turned one of their bitter enemies into a loyal friend. Who was this enemy? And how did this ‘enemy’ help Homo sapiens to get to the top of the food chain?A ball of dung rolled by a beetle transformed humanity. How did that happen?A human being riding a bicycle is the second most efficient locomotive on Earth. What is the first?How did humans survive the Toba Super-Volcano eruption 70,000 years ago?What’s the connection between a prehistoric hominid fossil to the music band Beatles?Why has no one been able to find the tomb of Alexander the Great?Was it really Columbus who discovered the Americas?Who is the ‘loneliest man and the ‘oldest surviving human tribe’?When a playful tweenage daughter asked umpteen, incessant questions to her dad, the only way to answer was to embark on an adventurous journey across continents and millennia to put the pieces of human civilization and rediscovering oneself.From a one-million-year-old fireplace to treks through jungles and caves, from being hunted to becoming the hunter; the journey of knowing nothing to questioning everything and then back to knowing nothing.Would the father-daughter duo get their answers? Can she find her place in history and the universe?

"I'm in awe! What an amazing book! I loved the relationship between Maya and her father; and the blending of fact and fiction interweaving the narrative. The book is well written, clear and concise. The facts, figures, history kept me entertained and I learnt so much!! Recommended!"

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