Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor

Not All Fairy Tales End Happily Ever After

Four Original Dark Folktale-Style StoriesThe Tinker is drawn to a mysterious pool. He half-remembers  he once loved a princess. When she appears by the water, he learns they have fourteen days to lift a curse or lose each other forever.The Tailor has a 21st century mindset and a 14th century problem. Goblins have stolen his baby daughter and left a changeling. The Goblin King sets three tasks to be completed by the next full moon. There’s a win-win solution if the Tailor can find it.Two Vikings fleeing relentless pursuers, enter the strange garden of Mistress Gefn. They are set the task of rebuilding a wall. They wonder if they can leave. There is a gate and a  door.The Sailor’s wife died in childbirth and he is unable to love his daughter. The moor-folk steal uncared-for children. When his daughter disappears he tracks her down to the Isle of the Sea Queen where he is presented with a life-or-death choice.

"Great stories in the old fairy tale style. Very atmospheric, full of mystery and magic. There's lessons to be learnt, bad things to be outwitted, a wonderful journey all round. If you like fairy tales and honest fantasy I recommend this book.Unusual collection of what can be described as adult slightly dark fairy stories. If you like the original versions of some of our well known children's tales then you will like this collection of 4 stories to keep you guessing. A new collection of tales you would swear are hundreds of years old."
5 Star Amazon UK Reviews

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